Machydronics has many years experience working on a range of boilers. For gas boilers we supply from the Immergas range a leading Italian manufacturer of reliable and energy efficient boilers.

Gas boilers come in two variations - standard and higher efficiency boilers.

SE boilers will run a heatload up to 32kW.

High efficiency will run a heatload from 12kW to 120kW . HE boilers will require a drainage point at boiler position, this is installed as part of the plumbing.

Wood fired boilers and heat pumps run at a lower output to gas boilers achieving a water output of between 50 to 60 degrees. Tubulous wood fired boilers will run a heat load up to 88kW. Air pumps will run a heatload up to 23kW.

Oil boilers run on waste oil and perform at the same level as a gas fired boiler.

    • Air sourced heat pump
    • external combi
    • immergas 32 internal
    • immergas 32 external
    • intech external
    • intech internal
    • internal combi
    • oil waste boiler
    • victrix
    • wood boiler